Review: "What's the Point" by Thomas Dooley

“What’s The Point” by Thomas Dooley is a playful bedroom-made demo, with swirling synths, dreary vocals, and creative transitions.

It opens on a spacey synth pad, bouncing from rainbow to cloud. Words about “days passing by,” and lovers coming and going echo through a sheen of muddy lyrical confusion.

Around 1:15 synth hits enter a megalithic triplet pattern while driven guitars crunch time, progressing with compressed drum accents. A luscious guitar solo follows, all while tuned woodblock clicks life away.

It’s DIY psychedelic pop, boyish and innocent, like a teenage Brian Wilson in his room. I hear Dooley riffing on the softer, emptier malaise of MGMT’s Congratulations, or some less dancey Of Montreal.

What’s the point? In life? Maybe we should be ignorant and goof around. Wait, there’s not even a question mark in the song title. What’s the point.

Sure, “What’s The Point” is a little muddy with bedroom lofi acoustics, lack of mixing, and I recognize some Logic Pro X sounds. But I like that it’s different, and takes chances.

Combined band hits, epic synth changes, and a memorable chorus line in this “Psychedelic pop music recorded in a bedroom late at night” make it a quirky listen.

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Thomas Dooley

Psychedelic pop music recorded in a bedroom late at night.



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