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Look Up Records is a boutique record label releasing the next wave of psychedelic dreamers. Based in Georgetown, Seattle, Look Up Records handles A&R, distribution, placement, PR, and more. Our roster includes Sealife, DarksoftSWYM, & more artists coming soon.

We feel the role of a record label is drastically shifting in today’s digital landscape toward promotion, placement, and online streaming, and we want to help facilitate the abduction process to the cloud in a way that retains musical integrity and generates a return for artists.

We also run a music blog supported by awesome volunteer contributors. We try to balance local and international features. Read our FAQ if you're a musician and would like to be featured. Writers: submission guidelines are here.

Submission Policy

We are interested in working with new artists and listen to 100% of what we receive. Please read our FAQ here. If you simply want to be featured on the blog, send through SubmitHub:

Listen to our artists: