LOOK UP FEST - 9/9/2018

Announcing Look Up Fest, the new lodge for high strangeness in the Pacific Northwest. 

Look Up Fest is A single day mini music festival and multimedia art exhibition held in the Upside Down, aka Georgetown.


With a curated single stage featuring local psychedelic dream pop bands, quality beer on tap, and multimedia art experiences on the theme of paranormal encounters, Look Up Fest is a community-driven, artist-run, accessible experience, where we invite attendees to join in a surreal, suspension of disbelief.

With big name local bands, promising local artists, and lesser-known burgeoning musicians, Look Up Fest exposes attendees to an ethereal headspace, appealing to anyone with an affinity for Stranger Things, Twin Peaks, X Files, UFO documentaries, missing time, mysterious forces, or other dark shadows. If you want to believe, come out to Look Up Fest.

a brand-new confab of music, visual art, good beer and strange vibes
— Jonathan Zwickel, City Arts


Support Level

Our raffle is over! One lucky winner received some really cool free merch! 50% of the proceeds from the raffle went to King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, and the other 50% went to the artists involved. If you didn’t have a chance to support, we are leaving donations open here.




Peter Michel recorded Hibou's 2015 self-titled debut in a walk-in closet. These humble beginnings led to great things: His shoegaze-frosted dream-pop drew raves reviews and led to opening slots for Metric, Phantogram, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The Seattle-based musician has come a long way since that time—in fact, his second album as Hibou, Something Familiar, reflects several years marked by profound change. More specifically, Something Familiar addresses Michel's ongoing battle with anxiety and depersonalization — the latter a disorder distinguished by feeling disengaged from the mind and body, as if someone is an outsider looking in at their own self. As a result, the new album has a decidedly darker tone. The lyrics are more personal and direct, and focus on finding emotional equilibrium despite long odds.

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“It’s easy to get down on yourself / When you’re surrounded by people who don’t know what goes on in your head,” Whitney Ballen sings on the title track of her latest LP, You’re A Shooting Star, I’m A Sinking Ship. It’s the irony of existing in a world filtered through social media—comparing real life to curated ones, and longing for validation that seems further away with every scroll of the touchscreen.




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Sealife brings love-coated psychedelic pop from Seattle straight to your heart. Their sonic storytelling paints a landscape of vulnerable lullabies. Originating from bedroom pop and stream-of-consciousness songwriting, Sealife pulls from Sade, Steely Dan, and The Smiths to craft lush sonic dreams. With a nod to Seattle grunge, Sealife is no stranger to fuzz or esoteric lyrics. At Look Up Fest, we'll debut new music videos from the new Sealife album, A Paler Shade of White, set to release later this month!

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Shimmertraps are a 5-piece band from Bellingham, WA on the Gauzy Vox Collective label featuring Zack Moses, Ian MacPhee, Brodie Cole, Justin Klipping, and Kyle Trostad-Menne. 

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Look Up Records Song Review - "All We Are Is So Close"





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Sea Salt is an indie pop band founded by Kurtis Roy. Drawing influences from bands like Wild Nothing, Crumb, and Turnover, Sea Salt is described as writing quirky and introspective pop songs with a heavy emphasis on melody. Currently, Kurtis is writing his first full length album, which will be released in 2019. Sea Salt began as a side project to put a name to the bedroom pop Kurtis was making at home in Detroit, Michigan in 2009. In 2012, Kurtis released his first full band EP entitled "Songs You Can Sing Underwater", which drew heavy influence from the Midwest-Emo revival bands like Into It, Over It and Algernon Cadwallader. In 2015, Kurtis moved to Seattle and released "same", which was inspired by the minimalistic sound of bands like Darwin Deez and The Drums.

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Born along the shores of the Mystic, carried among the clouds and submerged into the sweet waters of the Pacific Northwest, SWYM brings their dreamy psychedelic journey to melodic fruition.

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Familiars released their first album, 'Digest Self 'in November 2017. Recorded in a cabin in central Washington and overdubbed and mixed in Seattle, Digest Self is Ian McCutcheon's New Wave meditation on 80's pop music, fantasy novels and personal transformation. Live, Familiars' music is an aggressively upbeat art performance.

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The Society for Liminal Cartography, Seattle Chapter, aka Liminal Seattle provides a map of the strange, wonderful, and unexpected at LiminalSeattle.com. It is a user-submitted map of local paranormal encounters, ranging from fairies, ghosts, bigfoot sightings, time travelers, extraterrestrials, ultraterrestrials, crow conferences, and more. At Look Up Fest, they will be sharing some favorite local legends, and offering a booth to share your own spooky occurrences. 

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Sam Peterson is a multi-instrumentalist and generally awesome dude (Lures, Hibou, Deep Dark, Don Piano). At Look Up Fest he’ll create ethereal soundscapes; tones to evoke a strange, mystic mood.








John Theroux AKA Blazinspace is a local VJ that creates great live visuals, music videos, and stories. At Look Up Fest he’ll set things ablaze with light. This will be his 3rd Look Up event!