Review: "Teenage Dream" by Black Light White Light

Bring out the citar for this one. Teenage Dream by Black Light White Light embodies the neo-psych rock tone.

It opens on rising electricity, as distant echoes cascade like shimmery magic from all sides. Modern synths pair ethereal vocal melodies.

A drum groove pounds along with cascading string melodies. Teenage Dream has an unabashed adoption of that rainbow-colored kaleidoscopic 70s psych vibe.

Hailing collectively from Malmo, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark, Black Light White Light is a Scandinavian update to a middle-eastern gazey psychedelic vogue.

Avant-garde in the right ways, Teenage Dream delivers aesthetic flair throughout. Midway, it collapses into a cerebral vocal and string mood, to only rise into more bombastic ethereal positivity. Up and down like an exciting dream.

Those who like the Temples or Holydrug Couple might find a special place in their heart for Black Light White Light as well.

blacklight white light teenage dream.jpg

Black Light White Light

Teenage Dream is on their new album, Horizons.



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