Review: "Lovers in a Garden" by The Silent Home

Frolic through the gardens of love with this romantic single by The Silent Home. Their single "Lovers in a Garden" is a garagey shanty with jangley guitars, a New Order style beat, and a catchy chorus you’ll put on repeat.

For me, “Lovers in a Garden” depicts that feeling when something is beautiful but you feel like crying for some reason. Like a foregone memory that can never repeat itself.

The Silent Home is a project led by Nicolas Hugo and produced by his brother Theodore Hugo. Together they create a soothing lofi delivery. The floral tune is reminiscent of early New Order. The voice sounds European, like a Scottish jangle-popper with a hint of a French accent.

In the choruses, “Aaahs” and “Ooos” accompany a catchy vocal serenade:

“We were lovers in a garden, and there is nothing that can keep us apart”

Blue eyes, flowers, trees, holding hands together in youthful bliss. Fuzzy feels. Playful ignorance. From the sunlit garden to the darker indoor spaces, we’re caught in an honest and endearing saga; A timeless desire for eternal youth.

At 3:36 it’s short and sweet; your springtime dream pop number. It’s also got an undeniable classic rock tinge, like The Monkees or The Rolling Stones.

I’m not usually a sucker for cute love songs, but this one just felt too sincere to not acknowledge. This merriment and glee filtered through old sonic features and past tense voicing creates a snapshot of an intimate, yet forever gone moment.

But maybe love’s still got a chance: I mean, my boo and I sang this chorus on repeat during our last road trip, so maybe there’s hope in gardens. You just need to hear the right music and grow in harmony… you know that plants dance to the music we play? Here’s proof.

The Silent Home

The Silent Home

AKA The Hugo Brothers



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