Review: "Drift" by Lupa J

Drift, the latest single by Lupa J, is an artful, progressive, and confident electronic style. With beautiful vocals over a driving house pulsation, you’ll drift through 4 minutes of this daring track and want more.

It opens on an angelic voice, with luscious synth supporting form all sides. Bit-crushed drums follow with unique syncopations.

I’ve gone to far now, someone else’s clothes now / Someone else’s weight I’m carrying

Vocals become wide-panned, as crystalline harmonies work in parallel union. An electronic house beat enters in, using compressed drums and chip tune effects, under catchy vocal licks.

What I appreciate about this song are the journeys it takes. There are many stops and pulls, dynamic contrasts and turns that all come naturally.

In epic choruses, high strings pluck a downward pattern, while shimmery vocals and whispers fade in and out in drenched reverb.

At 4:18 long, other electronic songs may become repetitive. Not on Drift. The song utilizes every second to entrance and progress the listener into new worlds. Orchestral in its movement, motifs are tastefully used, and the production retains a very cohesive timbre.

Lupa J cites Grimes, FKA Twigs, and Bjork as inspiration. The vocal doubling and harmonies, along with the dexterity and breadth of delivery reminds me of Imogen Heap as well. Listeners of TR/ST may like too.

It’s well-produced and intentional. Broken from an obvious pop structure, it has nuance that is rare to find. In this intimate headspace of Lupa J, we make out lyrics on the weight of taking on others problems, and a sense of detachment and desire to move on.


Lupa J

Sydney based singer-songwriter and producer Lupa J



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