Review: "1991 VHS Tape Nostalgia (Law Of Love)" by AustiN

"1991 VHS Tape Nostalgia (Law Of Love)" by AustiN is a dreamy experimental moodscape with a tinge of R&B. Zone out and soak in the many layers and sound effects on this one.

AustiN creates a wall of sound that places the listener in an otherworldly casual chaos. Whispering voices count down numbers, as a barrage of dreamy textures compete for attention.

Heavily chorused guitar outlines simple licks as breathy shimmers filter in and out like waves. A ride, kick and drum keeps a steady beat, adding a classic hip-hop flair.

A heavily reverberated voice outlines a simple, cascading melody that repeats and repeats throughout the song. There are glistening bells, and a spacey synth alternates between frequencies like a spaceship operator. All the while the groove keeps feeling out a cyclical mode, and a jazzy mellow sub bass steps around.

The song escalates, and spoken voices echo into the mix. They seem angry, but are filtered to the point that emotion feels detached. The end effect is content disillusionment.

The overall production uses a tape-sounding distortion on par with the song title. The saturation creates a whirlwind effect in which time is suspended and constancy reigns. Don't expect any major structural changes or songwriting moves until the end.

There's a lot of found sound used... we make out odd noises from some adjacent empty hall. Electronic beeping noises. A man seeming to read long numbers from a tree, and other trippy effects. 

"1991 VHS Tape Nostalgia (Law Of Love)" by AustiN creates a dreamy tonal scenery, good for an eerie day. It's not exactly nostalgia... more like another timeline created altogether. 

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