Review: "Empaths Anonymous" by Robb Westlund

"Empaths Anonymous" by Robb Westlund is simple to the point retrowave, with tastey synth and chill vocal hooks.  

The thing I like about this song is that we're instantly in. Sure, minute-long droney introductions can have their place, but on "Empaths Anonymous," simplicity is key.

A fuzzy synth bass pulsates on a simple 3 note change, guided by retro kick and snare. Ambient pads fill the space in the background, giving an iridescent quality like liquid space.

Empath: A person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

It's got a lot of the the 80s synth-wave revival, and Fans of Neon Indian, Kavinksy, or The Drive soundtrack will certainly dig. The bedroom-style analog electronic sound puts it in it's own world. 

Intentionally muddy vocals in the verses, and a drivy guitar line in unison with the chorus vocal lines. There's a bridge with a little deviance, but for the most part this one stays pretty consistent. There's definitely a brit post-punk element, especially within the elevated outro. 

The only draw back is that after the intro, there's a bit too much space and I feel like the song loses momentum a little bit. Other than that, the pacing and transitions make sense. 

Overall, Robb Westlund's track is nostalgic synth pop you would turn on to keep you awake for the late night drive. 

The title Empaths Anonymous is great, and evokes an AA meeting of empaths. Maybe a support group should exist for them - telepathically intercepting everyone's emotions constantly could get pretty tiring ;)