Review: "Slow" by Young Creatures

We review the surfy song "Slow" by Young Creatures.

We review the surfy song "Slow" by Young Creatures.

There's something creeping around... an eerie yet energetic sense of premonition is created on "Slow," a track from LA-based Young Creatures' sophomore album, The Future Is Finally Now.

It's a haunting dreamy sensation that combines shoegaze, surf, and pop sensibility to create a radically energetic tune. Guitars use minor accidentals found in Middle-Eastern music scales, as pioneered by king of surf guitar Dick Dale. The eerie vibe is further punctuated by atonal guitar bends drenched in verb.

In the verses, a crunchy guitar lays a drone on the root note, while vocals portray unanswered questions: 

Where do you go when you want to be alone? Where do you go when you just want to go home?

In the choruses, drums use a classic surf beat; driving ride, double snare hits. Lead guitar outlines psychedelic licks, over a saturated thundering like The Ventures on full blast. Direct vocals are reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys (without the British accent).

When all of the days and night go slow... so slow

In all, "Slow" is a twisted modern reinterpretation of surf; as a lot of original surf groups who used the harmonic minor scale were instrumentalists, it's unique to hear the style used in a pop song structure with vocals.

For when all of the days and night go slow, listen to Young Creatures for a surefire kick in the ass out of your current malaise.

Young Creatures is a proud DIY band out of Los Angeles. You can follow Young Creatures here: Website / Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter