Review: "Bathhouse" by Sealife

Bathhouse, the third song on Sealife’s A Paler Shade of White is a sleepy and hypnotic track, fueled by a delicate drum beat and steady, deep and weepy vocals.

It starts off with a slow and simple beat, falling into a dream-like state as the vocals kick in. Moring softly pleas throughout the track, “why don’t you give me a call sometime…”

With what may be a nod to Kate Bush in thelines, “you did not know how to feel, so you’re running on up that hill” they pull us through a drowsy, pensive pool of yearning for a deeper connection, draped tenderly over a simple yet powerfully unique voice.

Bathhouse puts listeners in a wistful daze, with a short interlude that moves us further into a hypnotic state packed with distant melancholy before fading into the next track.


Sealife - A Paler Shade of White

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