Review: "Red Sprites" by Sleeping Lessons

Following a triumphant and melodic one minute introduction appropriately titled, Intro, Seattle’s
indie rockers Sleeping Lessons burst into their 2016 full-length, Red Sprites, with grace.

Chasing Ghosts, the album’s catchy and poppy second track, offers insight to what the rest of the album has to offer, without jumping in too quickly. The five-minute track starts with strong hooks and a hard-to-resist danceable beat, easing into a more moody, slow-feel as it comes to an end.

The album carries itself elegantly through all nine tracks, each offering something unique but cohesive. Overall the synth-oriented record feels like a lot of coping and learning about the world under a veil of high-energy, upbeat and dreamy tunes.

1995 marks a moment of definition for Red Sprites. They sing that “we’re all floating back to 1995”, and then crash into the moment we all hope for in an album: the big heart-drop. The chorus explodes into an array of atmospherics in unison; a divine showcase of this quartet’s synergy, before drifting back into the rest of the album.

Red Sprites ends with the song titled, K, a slow and stripped-down version of the Sleeping Lessons we’ve come to know. This gentle track delivers a sense of closure while highlighting the versatility of the band and striking chords reminiscent of Kevin Morby’s Harlem River era. K pulls on the heartstrings and rips off the veil, a fitting end to Red Sprites.

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Sleeping Lessons

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