Review: "Open Your Eyes" by Enni Lou

Enni Lou Little Noise and Cosmic Echoes

Open your eyes. Enni Lou’s new dreamy song seems to depict the state between waking and moving; a pleasant sleep paralysis where the vibe just keeps on blurring out.

Enni Lou creates a repetitive surrealism throughout the use of panned synthesizer layering, echo-ey guitar, and tremolo-ridden voice. The end result is an experimental, lo-fi, and earnest take on what "confusion" sounds like.

"Oh my vision is blurred
the tunnel is moving"

Hardly any words make it out of the semi-lucid haze, but the ones that resonate accentuate a floating semi-consciousness and forlorn love:

"Oh there is love
I see it looming"

The monotone musical drone, and the drenched use of effects is an aesthetic borrowed much from Animal Collective, or the more trippy MGMT bouts.

You can listen to Open Your Eyes and other songs off Little Noise and Cosmic Echoes on Bandcamp.

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