Review: "Mydoom" by Darksoft


Mydoom, the first track off Darksoft’s upcoming full-length, Brain, slowly swells far beyond its trancey intro. Darksoft’s vocals enter with an air of dreariness and monotony while the instrumentation continues to fill the surrounding spaces.

Lyrically, Mydoom bounces around the straightforward and the poetic. He warns that “it’s nothing personal, I’m just doing my job”. Later asking, “how much data did they exploit yesterday”? The cyber-oriented album plays on feelings of uneasiness surrounding the man-made and the virtual, while seeking a root in reality.

Darksoft’s strong vocals carry these feelings further as he raises the pitch and the stakes, singing, “it’s okay to be vulnerable if you’ve got nothing to hide”.

Mydoom is a first look at Darksoft’s disillusionment with the vast and dark-world of screens, a theme carried throughout Brain.

The track is at its most compelling when reminding listeners it’s okay to be vulnerable, as long as “you’ve got nothing to lose.”