Look Up Releases Sealife Single Bodhi Wave (feat. Veronica Topacio)

Look Up has just released a new single by Sealife! Listen to Bodhi Wave (feat. Veronica Topacio):

Chill out in the waves with Sealife. This simple tune flows in and out of reality with dreamy synths, ultra-crisp production, and Grade A Sealife flourishes. It features a catchy vocal pattern sung by Veronica Topacio, a member of La Fonda and a rising figure in the Seattle music scene. Hope you enjoy!


Sealife_Bodhi Wave art 2000px.jpg

Well my body’s a wave

And my body’s a wave

Well my body’s a wave

And my body’s a wave

And my mind is a slave

When the heart misbehaves,

And the waters awake

And your eyes are a lake

And the tide is a breath

That is tied to your nets,

And you’re born in a hearth

And reversed in the surf

By the skin of your teeth

You’re returned to the earth,

And your mind is a prayer

And your will is a lathe

And your dreams are the truth (what’s real)

And my body's a wave