Look Up Releases Mixtape for Martian Colonists



We’ve put together a mixtape that colonists can take with them when they go to Mars. It’s going to be a long, isolated journey, so we might as well entertain them.

The cassette features songs by musicians performing at Look Up Fest: Mars. This limited edition tape will be only be fore sale at the event for only $5. So grab your copy and remember, keep space safe.

ALSO: FIRST 10 people through the door at Look Up Fest: Mars get a free copy!


The mixtape for astronauts will be mailed to SpaceX, NASA, and other entities proposing Martian travel, along with a message of goodwill:

Dear Astro-travelers,

Hey there. We like what you’re doing. We think its cool. We just want to make sure Martian colonies and other future terraformed human existences are full of art, inspiration, and retain goodwill toward all lifeforms. We’re sending you this mix tape to play when you’re bored. Let’s keep space safe.

Always looking up,

— Seattle-based weirdos

SIDE A 22:34

A1 You'll Never Know Scott Yoder 3:25

A2 Bodhi Wave (feat. Veronica Topacio) Sealife 4:02

A3 Thought Well Graduation 4:12

A4 Wannacry Darksoft 3:59

A5 Lonely Baja Boy 2:20

A6 Aliens Among Us SWYM 4:36

SIDE B 18:24

B1 Using You For The Fire Bird & Shooter 4:11

B2 Frames Sea Salt 3:20

B3 Untitled 4 Medejin 3:35

B4 Outside Briefly YOUTH 3:00

B5 In The Summer La Fonda 4:18