Look Up Fest: Underwater Is NIGH


Look Up Fest: Underwater (LUFU) is fast approaching, so we’ve made this cheat sheet for you to cheat life with:


We reccomend buying tickets ASAP. Why? It’s a long story. The short part is that the LUFU, the kelp monster of the Duwamish, took over the festival and is now raising the price by $1 every day until you puchase a ticket. Sucks. Sorry, are hands are tied… with kelp.


But seriously, the night is going to kick underwater ass. Our lineup is amazing. Have you even listened to the Spotify playlist tho? Hereitis:

Damn, those bands tho. And they’re all local. What? No way. Yes way. It’s a thing we put together from nothing and it’s about to come to fruition.

Are you worried about the LUFU? We are too. Here is our fact sheet about this terrible being so that you are the most informed.