Interview With Baja Boy


Baja boy combines groovy guitar soundscapes with relatable lyricism of brokenhearted loneliness to give the audience a euphoric sound escape. Christian Taylor writes, performs, produces and records as Baja Boy, and was able to answer some of my questions about his driving inspiration and what he has planned for his set at the Mars Look Up Festival.

Your self titled album has such a wonderful mix of sounds and emotions. Where did you draw your inspiration for writing it?

My inspiration for the first project was just me trying to express feelings about things I never really was able to talk about with people. Such as my fear that I’d end up alone and other things on my mind. Like relationships ending, some starting, and not knowing how or where I stand with some people and I just i guess locked myself up with these emotions and just saw what came of it.

Has there been an audience favorite off the project while you’ve been performing it?

People currently like when we play TUMS just because it’s different from the album version and a bit more heavy I guess you’d say.

Are you writing any new music, and what do you have planned for the Mars Look Up Festival?

I’m working on a lot of new music. Most I don’t care for which is why it takes so long to get it out and I plan to play a set with my band at the festival then leave due to me not being 21 haha.


Baja Boy

Catch Baja Boy at Look Up Fest: Mars on 9/7!

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