Darksoft Single "Mydoom" Available 10/17/18

Darksoft’s single “Mydoom” is out Wednesday, 10/17…

Darksoft, the latest addition to Look Up Records, evokes an alternative sound. Darksoft creates a nostalgia for 2000s sadcore. Using an Elliot Smith and Bright Eyes vocal style, crunch guitar like Staryflyer 59 or Superheaven, and an overall garagey sound reminiscent of 90s shoegaze.

About Darksoft

Bill Darksoft, hailing from Seattle, leads the Darksoft project. He runs Look Up Records, studied creative writing at UW, and has played with many other Seattle acts over the years.

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We’re very excited to share the single and the full album with you! More news on the way…

Darksoft Promo 2.jpg