Review: "Ozius" by Shimmertraps

Ozius is an album that takes the listener through a deep cavern of sound. Shimmertraps comes from Bellingham, Washington and released the album through Gauzy Vox Collective. The rush of sound during this album is smooth and silky, sliding your ears through many dripping landscapes.

The perfect blend of dreamy synths and smooth crisp melodies collide and cascade into the listener in tracks “Careful Woman” and “Quiet Like you”. This wonderful collection of sounds set the stage for bursts and rushes of electronics, like in the track “Exiter”.

The album as a whole gives the listener an experience of otherworldly electronic charm. The consistent use of dreamy vibes and electronic experimentation makes a perfect blend in “Find Shade” and “Hamster”.

Shimmertraps is more than an experimentation in sounds, it is a band creating an extensive journey to another universe through music.

You can purchase Ozius by Shimmertraps on Bandcamp, or stream it now on Spotify. If you are in the Seattle area check out Shimmertraps on September 9th at  Look Up Fest, hosted by Look Up Records at Machine House Brewery in Georgetown Seattle.


See Shimmertraps perform at Look Up Fest 2018!