Review: Plastic Weather 7" EP

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It’s always great to find a present in the mail that’s not an Amazon package for one of my roommates — so thank you Portland OR-based Plastic Weather for sending this one over.

Plastic Weather - a "bratty synth punk from Portland, Oregon."

Plastic Weather - a "bratty synth punk from Portland, Oregon."

Plastic Weather's self-titled 4-song 7" EP debut is a raw dancey disaster. Rehashing an 80s post-punk sound, the band uses trashy synth, chorusey guitars, disco beats, and distant vocals yells to let out the nightmaric energy.

Side A is driving drums and fuzzy guitars, with echoing vocals. Atonal at times, it’s an ear-splitting vigor in a minor-mode that just won’t let up. If this band was called Dead! at the Disco I wouldn't mind.

My favorite is side B. "Doppelgänger" uses a keyboard/organ that sounds like The Doors. "For Now" is a bit slower, with a heavy delay on the guitar (which i’m a sucker for). The hi-hat has some interesting work, and the overall trance of it sounds like a Joy Division B-side. 

They cite musical influences like Le Tigre, The-B-52’s, and others. Plastic Weather is feminist, it’s Portland, it’s weird. Also, loving the pink and green record artwork.

You can purchase Plastic Wather’s vinyl EP on their Bandcamp. For you Portlanders (or Portlandians?), check out Plastic Weather's vinyl release show on May 19th!

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Plastic Weather

(Dead! at the Disco)

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