Review: "Head on Backwards" by s//p

“Head on Backwards” is a mysterious yet magical guitar trip through a world of wonderful and mellow vocals by lead singer s//p. This psychedelic-rock piece opens up in a somber mood and is furthered by the swaying of an electronic organ.

Soon after, a series of trumpets and horns give a warning signal to a chance of pace. The song makes a 360 degree turn and speeds up intensely, led by a series of beautiful guitar riffs. The riffs are complex and seem float randomly and aggressively to your ear, mixing irresistibly with the lyrics. The lyrics mull over the idea of a lost soul that does not seem to have an idea about where their life is headed.

The chilling voice hums these lyrics so well, and the way they combine with the background music is like a match made from heaven. Both work together to instill a strong enigmatic emotion of confusion. This is a song for the rebellious teen, the ones who lack direction and a planned road in life. The final minute or so sees another jump in pace, as the final message is dispersed by s//p’s thoughts on life. Coming to a slow end, the guitar comes to a close and the listener is stuck in a dreamy mood that leaves them pondering their own existence.

These elements combine to give off the eerie tone of past rock legends such as Jimi Hendrix, who also utilized the electric guitar to dazzle his listeners. The guitarist in “Head on Backwards” has a marvelous ability to play, and the producing this song must have been an awesome time. The production was so professional yet so wild, which combines to make an easy-listening yet intense piece that nearly any music fan would love.



Psych Rock / Trip Hop project based in LA. Pronounced "slip."

Chris Goossens

Chris Goossens is a journalist from Massachusetts. Additionally, he is a web designer and graphic artist. In Chris’ free time, he travels with his girlfriend Sarah, runs two YouTube channels, plays basketball, and participates in philanthropic ventures.”