Review: "Kimkimsee" by Fruit Juice

Swaying, swirling synth textures and nervous, driving guitars draw you into the sultry and sugary sweet “Kimkimsee” from Fruit Juice. A track from their 2017 release “Eat You Up,” this particular cultivar of psych pop plops you on a colorful cotton candy cloud careening towards the closest disco. The warm honey of the bass keeps you from moving forward even with the haunting vocals tickling and teasing your insecurities. Synthesizers scrub your subconscious while the guitar uses its clever, prickly pear hooks to keep you melted in place.

The anxiety starts to set in right from the start with an enveloping, spacey intro with textures that seep into the corners of your brain. The catchy vocal chorus drops into the first verse where a portrait of uncertainty begins to coalesce. The drum and bass pushes forward accented by warm overdriven guitar licks gluing it all together. After politely begging twice with the ‘prettiest please the in the world,’ the wonderful, whirling synths return for one last hurrah of technological brainwashing where the final chorus leaves you with starts in your eyes wondering where the time went.

“I could do without you / I could feel so good”

Perhaps something addictive, be it a person or otherwise, is the focus of the piece; maybe an envy of people on the outside who seem to have it all. Your mind likes to play games with your thoughts and emotions; what you believe is, more often than not, a distorted opinion of reality. See what you want and take it all with a grain of salt.

“Dandy old illusions printed on my brain / Long as I ignore that icky stain”

The infectious energy of “Kimkimsee” and the rest of Fruit Juice’s catalog is undeniable. Their 2017 release, “Eat You Up,” is filled with sugar high jams and their performances provide that same excited and crazed energy from the album. One thing is certain, this Fruit Juice is not from concentrate.

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Fruit Juice

A glammy psychedelic pop band from Olympia, WA. 

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Ryan Brum

Ryan Brum is a musician in Seattle WA. He plays in the psychedelic band SWYM.