Review: "In Love With The Afternoon" by The Rotten Mangos

Burning in the heat of the sun, and loving it. Join The Rotten Mangos in honoring the mid-day in "In Love With The Afternoon"; a timeless diurnal anthem saturated in lo-fi tape distortion.

It opens with wide panned acoustic strumming, shimmering in amp fuzz. Middle-eastern sounding guitar licks lead the daze, while a compressed kit keeps a solid drive.

The lyrics are terribly simple:

"In love with the afternoon, but it leaves me much too soon / I wish i could get it to stay, but there's nothing I can do"

It's a song about a time of day. Can't get more timeless than that. I've talked with some friends lately about a growing trend around the return to simple, real songwriting, and "In Love With The Afternoon" captures that.

At 0:45 on 'it's going away,' there's a bridge with escalating vocal harmonies and quick chord turns. What follows are plenty of Beatles-esque quick turns throughout. Each section ventures into new vocal harmonies, guitar solos, and breaks, all in a 60s psychedelic mood comparable to modern contemporaries Holy Wave.

"I know it will return, but the morning sun will burn me / before I can see it again, the day will be half dead"

What if we never slept? There's definitely a yearning to soak in the daylight. So enjoy the light while you can. Flow with the noontide, reach your apex, and enjoy the meridian where there is no shadow. Get baked.

Keep swirling in flower dresses and kaleidoscopic colors, but you may want to keep a hand on the holster on some days too, because others move quick at high noon.


The Rotten Mangos:

Are a psychedelic rock band from McAllen TX.

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