How we help artists

our mission

Our goal is to discover great music, and increase exposure for new artists so they can accelerate their musical career and generate a financial return. We take on a full-stack approach to accomplish this.

What does look up do for artists signed to the label?

Digital distribution, playlist placement, radio promotion, PR, blog reviews, CD/tape/vinyl printing, event showcases, release planning, licensing, stickers, community vibes, and more.

Below is a list of what we do with each release. Consider these the perks of working with an indie label, as opposed to self-releasing.

Digital Distribution

We pay for digital distribution to all major streaming platforms.

Physical Printing

We fund CD, Tape, and/or Vinyl printing.


We pitch you to major Spotify playlist curators.


We fund a photoshoot, and you're totally free to use the photos.


We organize an awesome release show if applicable, and showcase you at Look Up Fests.


We submit you to many blogs for reviews.


We share the release with our newsletter of industry contacts and fans.


We send the release to many online and college radio stations.


We share your upcoming shows.


We set up a press kit one page site for you.


We help write bios and descriptions of each release.

Blog Reviews

Our writers review your music on the Look Up Blog.

Release Campaign

We see the bigger picture. We plan out a release campaign to coordinate singles, album, reviews, show, and announcements with precision.


Depending on the project and budget, we might fund aspects of production, like tracking, mixing, mastering.


Your music is considered for film & media licensing through our partnership with the SyncFloor catalog (and more partners forthcoming).


To maximize royalties, we register your songs and guide artists through the PRO side of things. (ASCAP, Look Up Records Seattle, 5418746)


Join a growing network of creative contacts, like bloggers, musicians, DJs, bookers, videographers, photographers, event services, and other cool folks.


We make a budget for each release and keep a detailed record of earnings. After we cover upfront costs, we split all proceeds from digital distribution, licensing, royalties, and sales with the artist.


Whether it's emotional support, exchanging ideas, or listening to demos... it really helps to have someone believing in you.


The music industry is always evolving, as is the role of a record label. We want to offer a full service to help our artists expand that is within our means. We’re always thinking of other ways to deliver too…