Close Encounter

Strange pop outfit Close Encounter will take you out of body. Based in Seattle, collaborative project Close Encounter delivers psychedelic sounds with saturated melody and driving beats. Close Encounter is made of Bill Darksoft (Guitar/Vocals), Bobby Sydney (Guitar/Vocals), Cameron Lambert (Drums).

An expansive record where every glistening note reverberates and dissolves into the cosmos.
— Dusty Henry, KEXP




  • KEXP 90.3
  • KUGS
  • KZAX
  • Sirchillicious 


Seattle-based band Close Encounter is chill music for aliens. They use an effectual yet melodic blend of psychedelic, catchy guitar, slow tempo beats, and introspective vocal mood to depict the dawn of a new age. 

Their latest debut ‘Lost Time' uses diverse textures to depict a wide range of moods, riffing on heartbreak, nostalgia, and the loneliness of modern communication. Close Encounter is made of Bill Darksoft (Guitar/Vocals), Bobby Sydney (Guitar/Vocals), Cameron Lambert (Drums), and Tennyson Morin (Bass).

Close Encounter has released First Light (2017) and Lost Time (2018). These self-produced recordings have received airplay on KEXP, DKFM, and many other independent/college radio stations. They've played many Seattle venues including Neumos, Chop Suey, The Sunset, among others, and went on their first American Tour in March 2018. Close Encounter CDs are available for purchase online via independent record label Look Up Records, as well as in all record stores in Seattle.