Close Encounter Debut Album Is "Scintillating Haze"

We are very happy to announce that we've released Close Encounter's debut album, First Light. Self-produced, DIY made, it's making ripples through the online shoegaze community and in independent radio worldwide. 

"an expansive record where every glistening note reverberates and dissolves into the cosmos" 
- Dusty Henry, KEXP 

Light the candles, abduct yourself, hangout with these chill aliens for a bit. You can take a listen to the whole album here:

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“beautiful and whimsically intelligent“ 
- Primal Music Blog 

Close Encounter's debut 7-song release is available for sale through Look Up Records here:

We were surprised to coincidentally find a blog with the same name as our top-played track off the album! made it their blog anthem, and calls the song "scintillating haze and sophisticated radiance." Here's what others are saying about First Light:

"dreampop wistfulness" 
"the darker side of shoegaze ... a fantastic album" 
- Killing Sasquatch 
"a soundscape of dreamy hazey pop that is catchy and gorgeous" 
-Adam Lasus
Producer, (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Yo La Tengo, Happyness, Helium) 
"a super chill listen—Top to bottom the dreamy pop sound was beautifully comforting." 
-Leigh Stone
Owner/Musician, Crybaby Studios 
"I like it! Dream pop with slowed tempos and deep grooves." 
-Dylan Wall
Engineer, (Craft Spells, So Pitted) 
"A transportive album, guiding you on a journey through a lush emotive soundscape between summer nostalgia and a feeling of first love." 
-John Freeman, Occupy Space - Seattle

Next up for Close Encounter is a sophomore album, to be released in March 2018. Stay tuned for updates, and sign up for our newsletter!

Close Encounter - First Light (2017) CD
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